Friday, December 28, 2012

The Starting Line

And so it begins - I've decided to start blogging. Why? I'm not sure entirely. Partly to publicly share the never ending battle with my weight, partly to hear from others who have the same struggle or tips to offer, partly for motivation, and partly to hold myself accountable. Or something like that.

Yikes! This is the look I'm trying avoid!

The time seems right to begin this blog now - I'm getting married in 2 months and am motivated to look somewhat reasonable by then. I actually think I'll do just fine over the next 60+ days, but I'm not quite as confident for the rest of the year...or the years after that.

As background, I've always been a yo-yo dieter with my weight fluctuating greatly from year to year, although it's more often than not on the high side.

As an example, here are a few of my weighins over the past few years:
  • 250
  • 227
  • 214
  • 236
  • 223
  • 240

Ah, that's a little better. I'll work towards this figure again
So, yeah, not exactly a healthy way to live. Some people battle drug and alcohol addictions. I battle food cravings and have an extreme lack of will power. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Anyway, here are my three goals for next year:
  1. Weigh 215 by the wedding date, March 9
  2. Weigh 199 sometime in 2013 (a goal I've failed to meet 3 years running)
  3. Keep the weight off for the rest of the year  
Over the next few months, I'll be touching on a number of topics ranging from my support group to my exercise routine (or lack thereof) and running, and much more.

Feel free to follow this blog to offer words of encouragement or if you're just looking for a good laugh when I post my screwups (I'm sure there will be plenty!). I'm cool with either one. You can subscribe via email or the RSS feed on the right side of the page. You can also add your comments on the bottom of each post.

See you in 2013...after I enjoy my last few days of good food! :-)

P.S. This design is still a work in progress - Kristen tells me it looks funky on her computer, but it looks fine on mine. I'll continue to fine tune it as I get more comfortable with the Blogger software. And sorry for the weird URL - all the other good ones were taken.

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